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June 2024 In-Person Course:

June 24th - 28th


October 2024 In-Person Course:

October 21st - 25th

Classes are held Mon - Fri 9:00AM - 4:00PM Daily for 1 week

* Tuition is non-refundable due to limited seating.

Post Licensing IN PERSON Course

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  • The Alabama Real Estate Commission requirements for getting sales license are listed below in the order they are to be completed:

    1. Within six months from the date a temporary sales license has been issued, an agent will successfully complete a 30 hour post license course It will provide you with tools to help jump-start your new real estate business.
    2. The proctored exam is hand written and consist of 100 questions that you must correctly answer 75.
    3. Upon passing the proctored exam, we will issue and record you’re credit with the Alabama Real Estate Commission. There are no more state exams.

    The final step is to apply to the real estate Commission for you a permanent license. Covers basic sales skills and practical exercises on completing listings, contracts, seller's net sheets and buyer qualifications for the new licensee.

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